Mechanics Popularization and Education

Every year, CSTAM carries out various activities in mechanics popularization and education through conducting mechanics competition, delivering public lectures, presenting post, organizing workshops, setting up web sites and developing multimedia approaches.

The brand activities include: National Zhou Peiyuan Competition on Mechanics, which is co-sponsored by CSTAM and Chinese Ministry of Education (ME) and is held every two years mainly for undergraduate students; The Summer Camp on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait for High School Students, which is organized every year to enhance mutual understanding and accumulating scientific knowledge; National Space Orbit Design Competition which is held every year; National Invitational Tournament of Delightful Mechanics Fabrications for High School Students which is held every autumn; Science Popularization Week Series Activities, which aims to share quality resources of popular science in Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In addition to the above activities, educational activities refer to a set of mechanics-related activities intended to encourage public participation by providing interesting and useful information about science phenomenon, and scientific concepts and so on. The designing and implementation of these activities mainly rely on the permanent exhibitions in the Mechanics Popularization Room.

Considering Education, the working group for Mechanics Education sets up National Xu Zhilun Outstanding Teachers/Students Award, conducts teaching demonstration and teach training. All these efforts help improve the education in mechanics. In the meanwhile, one of CSTAM most popular journals, Mechanics in Engineering sets up a regular column named “mechanics education” providing a platform for exchanges of teaching experiences.