IUTAM Holds its 2020 General Assembly, Chinese Scholars Elected to Important Positions

On 25-26 August 2020, the General Assembly of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) met remotely by electronic means. A total of 91 members with voting rights and 2 non-voting observers attended the meeting. The virtual meeting was organized and chaired by IUTAM President, Professor Nadine Aubry. IUTAM Member-at-Large, Professor Yilong Bai, Members of IUTAM’s General Assembly, Professor Daining Fang, Professor Guowei He, Professor Xiaojing Zheng, Professor Tian Jian Lu represented the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM) in the meeting.

The agenda of the virtual meeting encompassed all items usually addressed during General Assembly meetings, including

  • brief reports by the Secretary-General, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Congress Committee;
  • decisions on annual dues, matters regarding adhering, associate and affiliated organizations, and future IUTAM Symposia and Summer Schools; 
  • elections of new Members of the Bureau, Congress Committee, and Symposia Panels and new Members-at-Large.

The following persons were elected to the new Members of the Bureau:

  • President: Professor Norman Fleck (UK)
  • Secretary-General: Professor Henryk Petryk (Poland)
  • Treasurer: Professor Dan Henningson (Sweden)
  • Four non-Officer positions: Professor Irina Goryacheva (Russia) , Professor Kikuo Kishimoto (Japan) , Professor Atila Freire (Brazil) , Professor Detlef Lohse (Netherlands).

After online voting by the General Assembly, CSTAM Vice-President, Professor Shiyi Chen was elected as Member of IUTAM’s Executive Committee of the Congress Committee, CSTAM Vice-President, Professor Xiaojing Zheng was elected as Member of IUTAM’s Congress Committee; The General Assembly re-elected Professor Yilong Bai as IUTAM Member-at-Large, Professor Jianxiang Wang as Member of IUTAM’s Congress Committee, Professor Tian Jian Lu as Member of IUTAM’s Symposia Panel for Solid Mechanics, Professor Hua Liu as Member of IUTAM’s Symposia Panel for Fluid Mechanics. In addition, the General Assembly accepted 5 IUTAM Symposia proposed from China:

  • Turbulent/non-turbulent interface in turbulent shear flow (Beijing, China);
  • Data-driven nonlinear and stochastic dynamics with the control (Xi’an, China);
  • Multiscale architecting of microstructures of solids: mechanics and manufacture (Beijing, China);
  • Soft matter mechanics (Hangzhou, China);
  • Mechanics of advanced materials and structures with multifield couplings (Nanjing, China).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held online for the first time. And it went smoothly. The General Assembly agreed to hold its next meeting in Cambridge, UK, in 2022. CSTAM’s active participation in IUTAM’s meetings and other issues will help the Society to work closely with the international organization to promote academic exchanges and international collaborations of mechanics in China.