The Asian Fluid Mechanics Committee (AFMC) was co-founded in India by Prof. Hiroshi Sato (Japan), Prof. R. Narasimha (India) and Prof. Peiyuan Chou (China) in 1980.

Prof. P.Y. Chou (1902-1993), Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professor P.Y.Chou is a famous physicist,man of mechanics, educationist and political activist in China. He is one of the founders of theoretical physics and modern mechanics in China.The two fields that he has been engaged in,namely,the general theory of relativity and turbulence theory in fluid mechanics,are two outstanding difficult problems in physics and mechancis,which lie at the frontiers of world sciences.Once Professor Chou identified an area of research,he would persist in it for years with unrelenting effort.He laid the foundation for turbulence modeling and has studied and obtained verification of some important “coordinate related” theories in the general reativity. His research work has a far reaching influence on the scientific world both at home and abroad.

Prof. R. Narasimha
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Prof. Hiroshi Sato, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Hiroshi SATO was born in Kagawa County, Japan in 1924. Dr. Hiroshi SATO was graduated from the second engineering faculty of Tokyo University in 1945 and successively held the posts of associated professor, professor, respectively at theoretical and engineering institute, aeronautical institute, and the institute of astronautics and aeronautics, and engineering faculty of the University of Tokyo. Dr. Hiroshi SATO retired in 1984 and is the honorary professor of the University of Tokyo.