Academic Exchanges

CSTAM undertakes a variety of academic activities. It organizes more than 60 high-level conferences/symposia with about 10000 participants on average annually. All these conferences/symposia offer valuable opportunities for presenting research, sharing insights, and networking, as well as related workshops and activities for scientific discussion, professional development, improving education, and science advocacy.The major academic activities are listed as below:

  • The Chinese Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CCTAM)
  • Academic Salon for Young Scientists
  • Regular international congresses and high-level symposia acknowledged by international communities
  • Domestic and international conferences, seminars and symposia organized by working parties of CSTAM
  • Seminars for young scientists and frontier science forums jointly sponsored by CAST, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and CSTAM
  • Interchange of scientific and technical information relating to the research of the subject
  • Seminars promoting application from engineering to industries

The Chinese Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CCTAM) is regularly held every two years. It is the most influential national congress in mechanics community in China. Started from the year of 2005, it has already been held in Beijing (2005), Zhengzhou (2009), Harbin (2011), Xi’an (2013), Shanghai (2015) and Beijing (2017). The number of the participants increased year by year, it has become the one of the brand conference of CSTAM activities.

Started in 2003, the Academic Salon for Young Scientists is held every two months. At the initial stage, the Salon is hosted by CSTAM, and the attendees are mostly from Beijing. From the year of 2009, Universities and institutions are encouraged to sponsor the Salon. Therefore, more and more young scientists joined in this activity. So far, it is one of the most popular academic activities in the young community.