About us

The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM) is a non-profit scientific organization in China with the largest membership of more than 20,000 engaged in the promotion of science and technology in mechanics. It is a national society affiliated to the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

CSTAM was founded in 1957. Among its founders and early organizers are well-known leading scientists Qian Xuesen (Tsien HS), Zhou Peiyuan (Chou Peiyuan), Qian Weichang (Chien WZ) and Guo Yonghuai (Kuo YH). Since its inauguration, CSTAM has made remarkable contributions to the development and prosperity of mechanics, to the popularization of mechanics among the public, to the emerging professional talents in this community and to the economic and social development of China.

The Principal Objectives of CSTAM are

  • To organize domestic and international mechanics exchange activities
  • To discover, recommend and cultivate mechanics talents
  • To publish professional journals and related books
  • To select and present awards for outstanding achievements
  • To promote transformation and practical application of mechanics research results
  • To disseminate mechanics knowledge for the general public and undertake the functions and missions entrusted by the government